#38: That’s What Friends Are For

Alfred, one of my very closest friends from my early childhood, ended up going to Boston College with me after we graduated high school. We stayed best of friends over the years and I eventually became the godfather to his son, Alex.
While we were attending college, neither one of us had any money to our name, but Alfred had a passion for cars and worked several side jobs so that he could afford to customize a Plymouth Duster that he bought with the money he had been saving for years.

Duster 4

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#36: Doody Calls

I grew up in a different era.
When I was a kid, dogs walked around freely in the neighborhood and nobody ever picked up after their dog, yet somehow we survived and everyone seemed to be a little happier and less stressed than we all are today.
Now there are strict leash laws and the neighborhood Poop Police patrols the streets, watching to make sure that people pick up after their dogs.

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#35: Gorillas in the Midst

There is no such thing as ‘personal accountability’ anymore.
In May of 2016, a three year old boy was visiting the Cincinnati Zoo with his mother and father.
This little boy somehow, someway, ended up inside the gorilla exhibit alongside a wild, 450 lb. gorilla.
As a result, sharpshooters had to shoot and kill the rare, endangered silverback gorilla in order to save the boy’s life.

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