#24: P.C. Madness

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Political Correctness is evil.
It often demands that many people must submit to the will of only a few.
Last fall I read an article in which an entire school cancelled their planned Halloween celebration simply because one kid’s parents didn’t observe the holiday and complained.
Only one kid’s parents in the whole school protested and now none of the little kids could celebrate Halloween? That’s ridiculous!
See, this is why maybe it’s best that I never had children myself.
I could never surrender to Political Correctness without putting up a fight.
I would be right there at the next meeting of the school board … raising my hand…
“Mr. D’Angelo, would you like to be heard before the board?”
“Yes, I would. Ladies and gentlemen of the School Committee, I understand that just because the mother and father of one child in this entire school have an issue with honoring the long-held tradition of Halloween, you have decided that none of the other schoolchildren will be allowed to participate in the holiday. Is that true?”
“Yes Mr. D’Angelo, that is correct. We don’t want to leave any of the children feeling left out because of their cultural beliefs.”
“OK… and, to be fair, I wouldn’t want any child to feel left out either, so this is my proposal…
“On Halloween, whether you spineless stiffs like it or not, my kid will be attending classes wearing a Spiderman costume…
“… and, to be inclusive, that one child should shove a great big stick up his ass and go to school dressed-up as his stupid, uptight parents.”
(wild applause from all of the other parents in attendance)
“Order in this meeting! Calm down! This meeting will come to order!”
“Thank you… God Bless America and Happy Halloween.”