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Created and written by Paul J. Murphy (D'Angelo)

Paul D'Angelo has created a sitcom starring himself and his dear friend, comedienne Patty Ross, entitled 'A Fine Mess.'

Paul has formed his own production company, A Fine Mess Productions, L.L.C. and independently produced the pilot episode entitled 'Meet The Murphys'.

The groundbreaking nature of the production and unprecedented marketing scheme have required the Screen Actor's Guild to create a special category entitled 'Actor's Showcase with Original Script,' enabling SAG and AFTRA affiliated actors to participate in this unique undertaking.

The pilot episode is now available for distribution to major networks, production companies and studios in Hollywood and New York City.

The video was officially selected for exhibition in the prestigious 2003 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival that featured films and videos from around the world, including Canada, Spain, France, China, Germany, Brazil, Ireland and England, as well as the U.S.  The festival opened with a gala on April 2nd in Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY.

Paul hired Albert Viator of Performance Video as the Director of Photography / Editor for the project. Al has been shooting on-location film and video productions for more than 25 years and has shot nationally aired documentaries for ABC and Court TV, the MSNBC special Ethics and the American Presidency, ABC Rock Concerts, Denis Leary's Comics Come Home, other live productions for Fox News and Court TV and has contributed to CBS Evening News, Late Night with David Letterman, MotoWorld on ESPN and Geraldo Live. Al also shot an interview with Meryl Streep for ABC's Christopher Reeve: A Celebration of Hope that was nominated for an Emmy in 1998. The  Lighting Director and  second cameraman was Joseph Forte of Forte Productions. Sound was being provided by veteran audio specialist Bill Shamlian. Editing was done at Global Television Network by Greg Fulcher, who also designed the opening credit-sequence, and the audio was mixed and enhanced by sound-specialist Mike Verrette.

The production stars Paul D'Angelo and the hilarious comedienne / actress Patty Ross  Patty Ross  who has appeared on numerous television shows including Roseanne, Two Guys and a Girl, Bless This House, The Damon Wayans Show and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Patty was also a member of the cast for the comedy Midtown North and was given a development deal to appear as a regular character for the 20th Century Fox sitcom Bev. Patty is currently the subject of a full-length documentary being produced out of Hollywood.

The co-stars include Frank Santorelli as Paul's best friend, Buddy Gleason. For four seasons Frank has been a regular on HBO's The Soprano's playing 'Georgie', the bartender at the Bada-Bing. Frank was also featured in the movie Meet The Parents, which starred Robert DiNiro and Ben Stiller, and has made TV appearances on Spin City, Providence, Law & Order and The Job with Denis Leary.

Playing the Murphys' nosy next-door neighbor, sleazy divorce attorney Sonny Swift, is Bob Seibel, a long-time veteran of the Boston Comedy scene and one of the funniest men alive. Sonny's wife, Gladys, is being played by the lovely and talented Doreen Collins of Providence, Rhode Island. Doreen has appeared in the off-Broadway production of Farewell Performance: The Last Truly-Great Girl Group, been featured on a 'Butt-Blaster' commercial, performed in the Ocean State Follies and is currently starring in a one-woman show, Boozical The Moozical: The Unorganized Biography of Doreen Collins.

Preston Ramsey was played by Richard Snee, a veteran stage actor who appears as a regular character in the wildly successful production of Shear Madness. Richard recently starred in a theater production of Epic, which is playing at the Lyric Theater in Boston. In a review, the Boston Herald raved about his performance and called several of Richard's scenes "hilarious." Preston's stunning trophy-wife, Tiffany, is played by Allison Dunbar who was a regular character in Comedy Central's Strip Mall and has made appearances on numerous television shows including CSI, Wings, Law & Order and Silk Stalkings. Allison just completed a very successful engagement as a star of the play Jerusalem, and she also received rave reviews for her outstanding performance in that production. The cast also features veteran actresses Alice Duffy (Sheer Madness), Sharon Evans and Carlin Chew.

Paul has also completed the script for the hilarious second episode of 'A FINE MESS' entitled 'Bird-Brains.'   2nd Episode 


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Photography by Lynn Steinman

Pilot Synopsis    'A Fine Mess' Cast & Credits     Show Promotion    2nd Script Synopsis

HOME       'A Fine Mess' Production Photo Pages:    I     II     III     IV     V     VI     VII

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