“Thank you for all the laughs you brought to our General Electric co-workers today. We work in a very stressful business and are a very conservative group of engineers, technicians and business people. I loved seeing my co-workers laughing and clapping during your show. Your high-energy performance earned a lot of laughs from our audience and resulted in a standing ovation – Thank you for lifting our spirits and providing an awesome show.”

Ellen Sen, Senior Staff Engineer, GE Aviation Thermal Systems Design

“D’Angelo has put on an amazing show every time he has seen him perform,” Rocco said. “The only difference between Paul D’Angelo and well-known talented comedians who fill 3,000-seat theaters like Louis CK, Bill Maher and Bill Burr is that they have received much more television and/or movie exposure,” Rocco said. “Paul is as funny, and arguably funnier, than just about all of the most famous standup comedians in the country.”

Newport Daily News review of Newport Winter Festival
Interview with festival promoter Joe Rocco

“If you have never seen D’Angelo perform, you have never seen the best comic in New England and one of the best in the country. His quickness, wide range of subjects and incredible delivery are nothing short of genius.”

Weekly News

 “Paul D’Angelo was a homerun! His brilliance in taking the audience on a ride of comedic storytelling was fantastic and left many of us in the room short of breath with laughter. He is a gifted comedian who truly made the evening memorable, setting the bar very high for the talent we will select in the upcoming years. ”

Todd Bidwell, President of ‘Wings for Falmouth Families
(e-mail to Denise Kirk, booking agent for Brattle Entertainment)

 “You made our event the most memorable we’ve ever had!  Our members were laughing so hard they could hardly breathe! You tailored your act brilliantly to our audience… That’s truly the sign of a consummate professional.”

David Chu, Director of Member Services
Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA)

“I have seen some of your routines many times and you still make my sides hurt. Your timing is impeccable and your style is like no other.  PS: We won the best show award for any event in the industry… you helped us win that by ending the event on a very high note.”

Philip McKay, President and CEO, The nGage Events, LLC

 “Your comedy is definitely my favorite of all the comics we’ve had. I enjoy the intelligence and thought behind it. I respect comics who use their intelligence rather than constant f-bombs or vulgarity. Your comedic observations are funny and edgy enough to keep everyone’s attention, sometimes going up to that line but seldom, if ever, crossing it.”

Louanne Lewit, Executive Director, Claremont Opera House

 “I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation on Paul D’Angelo. Hands down, funniest comedian we’ve ever had at CityStage Theatre. What a great night!”

Tina D’Agostino President of City Stage Theatre
(e-mail to Peter Lally, President of Spectacle Management)

 “Your performance for the New England Chapter of the Tax Executives Institute was phenomenal! The crowd roared throughout your entire act!  I’ve been getting calls from friends and colleagues for the past day and a half about how great you were at the conference!  Your material was perfectly tailored to our group of accountants and tax professionals and it made our meeting the most memorable yet. I would recommend you to my corporate colleagues in a heartbeat!”

Al Barchard, Officer, Tax Executives Institute of New England

“I really enjoyed your comedy at the Gartner Convention in Orlando FL. You rocked the house!!!  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments.  Since I am on Gartner’s Advisory Board, I will obviously recommend you again and again… To date, you have been the best comedian they have ever had, and I’ve been with them for over ten years…

Dave Pujals, President / CEO, T³ Corporation

“I wish we could take all of the Facebook postings, text messages and emails and share them with you to let you know just how much our guests enjoyed the experience with you. Needless to say, you have many new fans after Friday. Thank you for a great show, a classy act, and a fantastic contribution to a memorable evening.”

John F. Zarrella, President, Research Results, Inc. (25th anniversary event)

 “Thank you. You are the best comedian I have EVER seen! And I mean every word of it… You give us instant credibility whenever you perform with us.  I truly have never met anyone who is more professional, more courteous of others or more talented in my life, than you. The crowd loved you… and many of them said they will come back because of you.”

David DiLorenzo, Special Events Organizer

(You were) “by far you been the best received comedian we have had at this event since I took it over so if all goes according to my plans we would love to have you back next year.”

Christopher Samaras
Cultural Affairs & Special Events Coordinator, City of Lowell, MA

 “Just got done talking about your set last night with a woman who was at the event.  We both agree that it was the best we ever saw. You were awesome.”

Thomas Shattuck, Producer, WTKK 96.9 Boston Talks

“The funniest comedian ever”… “Just great!”… “Fabulous!”
“Tailored to our profession”… “He made the whole event!”
The comments above were just a few of the actual quotes made about your presentation at Southboro Medical group’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. Please know that if laughter is the best medicine, you were just what the doctor’s ordered!

The entertainment committee has never been so pleased with our selection as we have been with this year’s choice.  One of our employees had recommended you as the most appropriate entertainer ever for our diversified workforce and after seeing your presentation, we realize why.  We thank you again for your outstanding act.

Andrea Bibeault, Entertainment Committee, Southboro Medical Group

“You were great. Funny as hell, but you also worked hard and long.  The latter is what I also appreciate most when I see it in any business.  It is always clear when someone really cares about what they are doing and not just there to ‘take the money & run’.”

John Fitzpatrick, President, Dynasty Freight Inc. (annual event)

“Everybody is raving about you this morning!! You were a big hit last night.  Thanks so much! Our Vice President Greg started today’s meeting talking about how great you were.”

Lori Grady, Lead Financial Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

 “Thank you so much for this past weekend. I have only been here at work for ½ an hour and have already been over whelmed with compliments about the party and how funny you are. I even had the President of our company come up to me and thanked me for doing a good job and finding good entertainment.”

Mandy Patterson, Hunting Dearborn, Inc. 

“Paul D’Angelo’s ‘Suck World’ routine is hilarious.”

Boston Magazine 

“Dear Mr. D’Angelo,
I have attended a lot of national and regional trade show events – and I’ve seen a lot of shows/acts – and you, bar none, were the BEST.”

Noni Darakhshan, Business Development Mgr., Avenues-Wenger-Swiss Gear

“You were a great release at the end of a long day.  A lot of people came up afterward to me and my bosses to say you were so funny and I had other people telling me that people were crying laughing. Even my boss’ boss told him you were great!”

Suzanne King, BD Coordinator, Mass. Electric Construction Co.

“…your performance was absolutely brilliant, a seamless series of incredibly funny stories with a delivery the likes of which I have not seen on a stage in a long, long time.”

Audience member at filming of Paul’s 2nd DVD, ‘Live at the Larcom’

”We will be featuring comedian Paul D’Angelo’s ‘Suck Word’ routine, which is one of the two most frequently requested comedy tapes that I have played since I’ve been working at the station, along with Tim Allen.”

On-air comment by drive-time DJ Joe Benson,
host of Los Angeles radio station KLOS’s “5:00 Funnies”