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Back when I was an Assistant District Attorney in Essex County, Massachusetts and supervising the jury-session in the Peabody District Court, People Magazine was interested in doing a feature story about my unusual combination of careers. They had a writer interview me and sent a photographer from New York City to shoot the pictures to accompany the article. Well, the week the story was going to run, the features editor got canned and his successor scrapped all pending projects. At least I got a cool picture of me with a jury that included a bunch of people from the courthouse, my brother Jay,  sister Shauna and Uncle Vito, as well as a couple of friends.


I've had the opportunity to perform as the opening act for numerous recording artists in theater venues accommodating up to 5000 people. (see list on BIOGRAPHY page) The first such show was opening for rock n' roll legend Meat Loaf at the Club Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire in 1989 and I was 'the appetizer' for Meat Loaf and his band on several more occasions over the next few years. That's me and 'Meat' backstage at the Casino.

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Lenny Clarke, Don Gavin
& Kenny Rogerson

Dennis Miller

Garry Shandling

Gabe Kaplan & Gary Gulman

Kevin Nealon

Steven Wright

One of my favorite comics:
Bobby Slayton

Founder of The Improvisation comedy clubs:
Budd Friedman

Dane Cook
Opening for Huey Lewis and the News at the Club Casino, Hampton Beach, NH - 1989

Opening for Ray Charles at the Club Casino, Hampton Beach, NH - 1991

Paul had a weekly show at
Nick's Comedy Stop, Boston
for over six years

Nick's Comedy Stop, Boston - 1989

Performing on Norwegian Cruise Lines
M/S Windward - November, 1993

At the LA Improv - 1989

Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH -1992

The late Steve D'Addario

Stevie D's - 1987

Stevie D's - 1988

I will be forever grateful to Steve, the founder of Stevie D's Comedy Tonight in Middleton, MA
for giving me a chance, sight unseen, when I first started out.

Early performance at the Chase House, Salem, MA - 1987

North Shore Life - March, 1990

Got Milf?

Photos from the promo video for
An Entertaining Approach To Successful Decision-Making"

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