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Murphy's Law Character List

Paul was the popular, longtime prosecutor at Wakefield Heights District Court and has left his job to start a law practice with his best pal, Attorney Dom DeLorenzo. A skilled attorney with a sharp, sarcastic wit (that he never holds back), Paul is a Irish-Italian man in his 40’s. He’s a confirmed bachelor who refuses to grow-up… mischievous, personable, quick on his feet, confident, a world-class schmoozer, good at what he does and now struggling to generate business and make ends meet while acting as distraught Dominic’s social director.

Paul’s best friend since childhood who had slaved as an attorney for a big, impersonal law-firm and is now going through a bitter divorce and sleeping on Paul’s couch. Dom’s also down in the dumps because he’s under serious financial pressure and, like Paul, is willing to try almost anything to solicit clients so they can get their new partnership off the ground. Paul is the godfather to Dom’s young son, Freddie… and, at times, they both act the same age.

The Presiding Justice of Wakefield Heights District Court, Judge Hayes is an older black man with a reputation as a conservative, tough, no-nonsense judge with a sharp tongue (think Louis DePalma from Taxi in a black robe). The judge has his hands full maintaining decorum, acting as a referee and keeping all the “loose-cannons” in line to manage this “zoo” and it can be an exasperating experience… which explains his honor’s frequent need for a cocktail.

The Clerk of Courts at Wakefield Heights D.C., Peg runs the session while sitting in front of Judge Hayes. Peg is in her 30’s… attractive, feisty, wise-cracking and always on top of things, Peg is a favorite object of Paul’s flirtatious manner… and steadfastly unattainable.

The former public defender who has taken Paul’s place in the DA’s office, Patty’s position necessitates that she butts heads with Paul, even though they remain friends. In the courtroom Patty is inflexible and stubborn… a “tough broad” who won’t back-down but, ironically, it’s a different story at home because she can’t manage to keep her three badly-behaved, out-of-control sons from getting into trouble on a regular basis.

The Court Officer who provides security and handles the prisoners & jurors, Dugie is an older man (60’s/70’s), near retirement, who is a proud veteran and was a real tough-guy in his day. Dugie is a grouchy, negative, cynical, constantly-complaining Archie Bunker-type who, when asked how he’s doing, always answers “Rotten.”

An arrogant, sleazy, gold-digging, ambulance-chasing, shyster lawyer with absolutely no scruples whatsoever who uses his devious imagination to constantly dream-up new ways to abuse the legal system. Thurston is very eloquent and theatrical in his manner and will sue anyone or take any case… no matter how preposterous or unpopular it is.

The court’s new incompetent, disheveled, sad-sack, bumbling, absentminded public defender, Syd doesn’t have a clue… professionally OR socially. Despite the characters’ repeated efforts to help-out this loner and misfit, it’s a hopelessly frustrating experience.

Veteran, middle-aged street-cops with the Wakefield Heights Police Dept., “Bonzo” and “Smitty” have been partners forever, so they know everything that’s going-on in town. Tough, street-smart, experienced and shrewd, Smitty, a surly black man, and Bonzo, a jovial, overweight Italian, are very good at their jobs… and they endeavor to do so with as little effort as possible.

Randall is a young, very over-the-top, overzealous, irritating / annoying, militant cop with a little-man complex, fresh out of the police academy. He takes everything way too seriously and would not hesitate to arrest his own mother for the most trivial reason… but few of his accusations stick because Randall has a habit of being his own worst enemy.

Paul & Dom’s totally-useless, lazy, unfocused, not very bright, legal secretary with a terrible attitude. The only reason they keep Brenda on is because she is Judge Hayes’ niece and Paul made a promise the hire her… and Brenda takes full advantage of that leverage, making a difficult situation even worse for the stressed-out lawyers.

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