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Paul has created a new, original sitcom and written a pilot script for a series based on his experiences as an assistant district attorney and criminal defense trial attorney.

(The pilot script "Opening Arguments" is available to industry representatives. Email Paul at
pdangelocomic@aol.com )


For years, Attorney Paul Murphy was the popular prosecutor at the Wakefield Heights District Court on Boston’s North Shore but, when his childhood friend Dominic DeLorenzo lost his job at a law firm and became embroiled in a bitter divorce, Paul offered Dom the couch at his bachelor-pad and left the DA’s office to start-up a law-firm with his best pal.

Now, desperate to succeed in the face of cut-throat competition, the friends are struggling to get their new business off the ground… and they’ll resort to just about any means to do it.

After pursuing potential clients like a relentless used-car salesman, Paul revisits his former courthouse where we are introduced to a memorable collection of over-the-top characters that run the asylum… and sleaze rules: devious lawyers that specialize in creative excuse-making and blame-shifting… representing shady clients looking for easy money or a “get-out-of-jail free” card… concocting outrageous lawsuits that offend one’s sense of decency (yet are often based on actual cases!)… zealously opposed by more conniving, unscrupulous attorneys … facing agonizing moral dilemmas… arguing over questionable police work… all of them looking to bend the rules to their advantage and exploit a local court system that’s presided over by a cantankerous, boozing judge.

Drawn from standup comedian Paul D’Angelo’s considerable experience as an assistant district attorney and criminal-defense trial lawyer, Murphy’s Law is a fun-filled, tongue-in-cheek, social-satire lampooning our often criticized, and more oft-abused, legal system.

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